The P.A is a Roland M-12E Rackmount 12 Channel mixer, 2 x ARX Subwoofers (2 X 12"), 2 x ARX F.O.H (12" + Horn), 2 x ARX Foldback Wedges (12" + Horn), ARX Control Unit/Speaker Processor and powered by 2 x E-Systems Pro Power 1000 (2 x 500 w.r.m.s) Amplifiers. Behringer Ultragraph FBQ1502 Dual 15 Band EQ and a Behringer Compressor/Limiter. For back-up I have a Yamaha EMX860 200x200x200 w.r.m.s Mixer/Amp

Stage keyboard is a Roland D-70 midi’d to a Roland P-330 Piano module.

Guitars are: Fender “Stratocaster and Fender "Squire" Stratocaster fitted with a "F.A.A.S" Acoustic Pick-up System and a Fender "Montara" Acoustic/Electric

Sequences (mp3's) are played via a Toshiba P300 Satellite Laptop computer. Sequences are backed up on my Apple iPhone

Microphones are Shure SM58 and Chayo FM Wireless with an SM58 insert

Vocal FX are via TC Helicon Voiceworks. Guitar FX are via a Johnson J-Station

Lighting: 2 x Par 56 cans & 4 Par 56 cans with LED's


For writing Midi sequences, I use a Roland A-33 Controller keyboard midi’d to my computer via a Steinberg Midex 3 midi interface. Sequencing/recording software is Steinberg Cubase VST and Cakewalk v9.0.

Monitoring is via Yamaha  CA610II Amplifier, Acoustic Researh AR19B Speakers, Bose Acoustimass Cubes with Subwoofer and a Roland M-16E Line Mixer. Finished sequences are converted to mp3 files, loaded into a Toshiba P300 Satellite laptop and backed up on a Sony MDS-JE520 Mini Disc player and two external hard drives.

Sound Modules used are:

Creative SoundBlaster Live! Sound Card (Miscellaneous Sounds)

Roland U-220 (Horns, Strings, Organs etc)

Roland M-BD1 (Basses)

Roland MKS-20 (Pianos)

Roland R-8M (Drums)

ESQ-M (Analogue Synth)

Various VST Synths and FX

Kirks Stratocaster


   Fender "Squier"

Kirk's Live Rig

Kirk's Home Rig Fender "Montara"