"That's Life!...... That's what all the people say..........." What a great song. This was the title track of a 1966 Frank Sinatra hit. 20 years later David Lee Roth added his special touch to it. I know the choice is not original but I decided to call the duo "That's Life!" Not really as a tribute to the song but the phrase. How many times have we mentioned it when things weren't going quite right or even when they were?! When I finished Year 12 back in about 1972 my first full time job was with Sanyo. Their advertising campaign at the time featured Aussie jazz singer Kerrie Biddell singing - guess what - "That's Life". I guess things were just meant to be!

My new partner is Emma Collins (when she was winning her talent quests she was the unmarried Emma Formosa). She is a great singer and full of energy and were both pretty damn proud of our show! Punters on the South Coast would already be familiar with her talents from her stints in two local duos "Court 'n' Bold" and "Heart Of Soul". We are adding great new songs to the repertoire each week - come along and check 'em (and us) out!