Kirk Davis

Firstly the picture above was from the 90's when I was slim, reasonably attractive to women and had hair!. Forgive me for hanging on to the good times!. I was the lead singer in two bands, Jade and Room Service in the 70s, and a singer/bass player/pianist in the duo, Room Service in 81/82. 
In 1983 I began performing solo, adding acoustic guitar and computer sequencing. I was one of the first musicians in Sydney to use a computer live on stage.

My repertoire currently stands at around 800 songs and growing weekly! 

With this repertoire and my years of experience, I can cater for just about any audience, any type of show from dinner to dance, ballads to rock n roll. I play the most popular music of the 50s through to the 90s/00s. 

I am based in Pendle Hill in Sydney's mid west and most of my bookings span the Sydney Metropolitan area, extending down the South Coast, west over the Blue Mountains and north to the Central Coast of N.S.W.

If you would like to see me work live, check out the gig guide page. If you would like to hear some of my work, there are MP3 samples of some of my original songs from my album Its Tough At The Bottom. Unfortunately, due to copyright restrictions, I cant include any song files of cover versions. I have a new album in the pipeline, but my work commitments make it hard to find time to complete it. For those who have been waiting for it, like Christmas, its coming! 

As well as being a working musician, I also host a number of Trivia Nights around Sydney. Check out the Trivia page for all the info. Come along and take the Trivia Challenge!

This web site would not be possible without the boundless talents of my good buddy Tim Spencer. I am indebted to him for his tolerance to my cyber-ignorance and his ability to convert my sometimes over-enthusiastic whims into something suitably relevant.